How to Get a Woman to Chase You Around

We all know how it feels to chase a girl, calling and texting her and trying to get more of her time. It’s a natural thing to want to do when you are really interested in a girl. But what if there were ways to flip the tables and make her chase you instead? Wouldn’t that be a much more ideal scenario? Here are a few ways to become more desirable in her eyes and make her want more of your time.

The first way to get her to want more of your time is to have less time for her. That sounds a little odd, but hear me out here. If you are always available, any night of the week, no matter how last minute, and seemingly never have any other plans, she’ll think you’re a hermit with no friends and no other interests. On the other hand, if she has to fight for your time, she’s going to want you more. Fill up your schedule with other dates and keep busy. She’ll see that your time is in demand, that you’re a man of value, and will soon be trying to get penciled into your schedule.

Another way to get her to chase you is to be funny. Hopefully, you already have a sense of humor and when I say you need to be funny, you’re just being yourself. But this can’t be overlooked. Women love a good who has a good sense of humor. She wants someone who can keep her laughing and smiling whenever you’re together. If you can make her smile, she’ll definitely remember how you make her feel when she’s around you. You can have a little playful flirtation or just clever, witty banter or even a corny joke if she’s the nerdy type who’d like that. The point is just to make her laugh and she’ll remember those warm feelings and want to experience them again.

Challenging Her to Want You

The last way is to challenge her to make you want her. Send off a vibe that you’re not completely sold on her and that she has to prove that you must be won over still. Ask her a probing question of something that you’d like to know about her, and she’ll think deeply about how to answer it, and in a way that will get you to see her in a more positive light. If you come out in complete adoration, that she can do no wrong, she’ll get bored. Keep her interested by keeping her of the mind that she needs to be the one chasing you.

Those are just a few ways to pique her interest and make her want to woo you over, instead of the way around. Give them a try and let us know how it works out!

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